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Unika Magazine December 2020
  • A memory in every mouthful
  • 2021 can be your year
  • Living the Dream
  • Starting a business: What we learnt
  • Get organised for next year with a wall planner
  • Behind the smile
  • How to get a great authentic head shot of yourself
  • From London to Titirangi
  • The critical lack of support for parents of picky eaters
  • Bouncing forward - creating workplace resilience
  • Pay yourself first
  • Recession planning and budgeting
  • The secret life of a chocolate taster
  • Working together with your partner
  • Colouring books for children by children
  • Turning the healing power of turmeric into a business
  • 5 Tips to build client trust
  • Led by heart, backed by mindfulness
  • 6 Killer Tips toboost yourphoneconversations
  • A new look at reading readiness
  • Reducing Financial Stress
  • You are totally enough
  • Re-wiring your Brain: Letting go of Anxiety
  • Why you are probably wearing the wrong size bra
  • Managing your environment to stay healthy
  • Swallowing a concrete pill

Keen to be involved

Do you have an interesting story about your business journey, knowledge to share or feedback about the magazine? If so I'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch via email catherine@documentsbydesign.co.nz.


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