Creative Logo Design for Credibility

Does your current logo need a refresh?

Does your business need a unique identity?

Is your logo targeting the right audience?

Your business needs a logo that is unique, recognisable and authentic to you. By talking, listening and working through a design brief with you we develop and design a cohesive visual identity that will reflect your core values and attract your ideal customers.

Your logo is the face of your business. It serves many purposes and will get used in a variety of ways on different products from your website to your car so it is important it is SMART.

Smart logo design


Logos that have stood the test of time, and that have been successful have been very simple – for example Nike, Apple, IBM and McDonald's.


Your logo is used on most business touch-points, therefore, you want people to remember it.


A logo should be suitable for the intended audience.


Your logo will be used in a variety of different locations, from the side of a pen to the side of a building – It needs to work effectively when very small and very big.


Avoid following trends to create an iconic logo to stand the test of time.

The process:

  1. Fill out a design brief questionnaire
  2. Have a discussion to clarify any questions
  3. I carry out research into what is currently happening logo-wise in your industry, what your target market are attracted to and what your competition are doing
  4. Idea generation and design work
  5. Logo options are presented to you
  6. Revisions and tweaks to get your chosen option just right
  7. Delivery of final logo files

You'll also get:

  • A style sheet
  • Colour and black and white versions
  • Vector formats so your logo can be resized without losing quality
  • Favicon and submarks

Ensure your ideal customers can recognise your brand at a glimpse.


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