Should you send Christmas Cards to your clients?

Why sending clients a Christmas card is a great idea

The end of the year is a great chance to connect with your clients and say thank you for their support over the year. Christmas cards are a lovely, simple way to spread some Christmas cheer and say thank you. Client gifting can get expensive and time consuming and not everyone makes the cut for a pricey gift. Christmas cards, however are an inexpensive way to reach all your clients.

Other reasons for sending your customers and clients a Christmas card:

Client Goodwill: Ensure your clients feel appreciated. By sending a personalised Christmas card you can show them that they are important enough to deserve your thought and effort. 

Let clients know you have survived the year: In particular this year. Sending a Christmas card is a great way to remind past clients that you are here for them when they need. Keep it non-salesy though.

Stand out: Not everyone sends a Christmas card, so your's will be noticed. A posted envelope with a card is more likely to be opened than yet another email. Your card will bring a smile to the person who receives it.

Show your clients that you value them: Anyone can send a budget card from the Warehouse or an e-card that gets lost in the black hole of emails.

But with a polished, professionally printed card – complete with your logo – you will show your clients that they’re important enough to deserve a bit of thought, effort, and money spent.

It also shows that you’re an established business what is serious about quality and caring in everything you do.

Remind your clients that there is a person behind your business: sending Christmas cards is a great way to build those personal relationships that will help to build your business in the long term.

One simple Christmas card could be the catalyst that brings you more business in the new year – so don’t overlook the chance to get noticed.

Check out our range of customisable Christmas cards that you won't find at a budget store and start delighting your clients with your thoughtfulness.


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