Are you like me and tired of boring old wall planners from your local stationery shop that look the same as everyone else's? This year I've made my own and would love to share it with you. I've made three designs to suit a variety of decor and personal tastes. Weekends and New Zealand public holidays are highlighted to help you plan your year.

You can either download and send to a printer of your choice, print yourself (if you select fit to page it will fit on your paper size) or use the form below and we can print an A1 sized, 2020 wallplanner for you for $30 + gst and courier.

2020 Wall Planner Blue Sparks

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2020 Wall Planner Leafy Green

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2020 Wall Planner Pink Lights

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Order a Printed Wall Planner

If you would prefer we printed your wall planner then please fill out the below. We will send an invoice and once paid your wall planner will be printed and sent.

Please allow 7 days for print and delivery.

Finished size is A1 (841mm wide x 594mm high) and cost $30 + gst and delivery.

For more than one please contact us as the unit price will change slightly.

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Thank you for ordering a 2020 Wall Planner. An invoice will be sent, once payment is received your Wall Planner will be sent.


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